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Monday, February 15, 2021

Shootme Photography: A day out in Kolkata

 Rediscovering Kolkata with Shootme

‘Hire a local photographer to capture your travels’ This was probably the first time I came across
a service like this. I believe photographs are truly a novelty item, we try to keep every little
memory safe by capturing it in a click but we very rarely look beyond our phone cameras to do
so. It was only because I made a trip to Kolkata and encountered Shootme’s services that I
realized how mistaken I was.
I love traveling, and even more, I love dressing up and getting my photographs clicked.
Traveling to Kolkata for a few months, I knew I had to go visit the Victoria Memorial and capture
a dozen memories of that beautiful place. The only problem, I was all by myself. I wanted
photographs but I hate selfie sticks, or even worse, asking random strangers for photographs.
Enter Shootme, your best friend who takes your awesome pictures in any city that you want.
I stumbled upon Shootme’s Instagram and I was intrigued, so I booked a photographer from
Kolkata to join me on the morning I was going to Victoria Memorial. From the moment I went on
the website to book one to the day I received my photographs, the journey was so exciting.
But why a professional photographer?
I had this question too, we often think of a professional photographer to do maternity shoots or a
wedding shoot, who thinks of capturing travel memories. Well, after the shoot I can say, you
truly need to book the shoot to experience the whole thing.
After booking a shoot, I was connected to my photographer Sohham 48 hours before the shoot,
where I told him I wanted my photographs in front of the memorial. He guided me through the
timeline, the other places nearby the memorial we could go for a shoot as well. Moreover, he
also made sure I wouldn’t feel too awkward in front of the camera.
On the day of the shoot as well, all I had to do was put on my favorite dress and be myself and
the Shootme photographer made sure I was super comfortable with poses in front of the
camera. He even showed me around Maidan in hopes of finding the perfect location to capture
my dress in all her glory in front of the majestic beauty of the memorial. For me, having
somebody who could take my photographs without worrying about how they are going to turn
out was the highlight. I knew I was going to get some great keepsakes.
When I received the photographs within 7 days, I was ecstatic. Here was I, in front of the
memorial, with no awkward lighting or poses in the photographs. I loved it. The experience of
planning the shoot to being there in that moment was worth the money I believe.
Next time you travel, even if you’re traveling locally, head to Shootme’s website and find a
When you see the photographs and hang them in your drawing room, you’ll not regret your

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