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Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Doi er Shorbot (Gondhoraj Lebu diye) | Yogurt Based Summer Drink

Gondhoraj Lebu is a hero amongst all lime and lemon family at any Bengali household. This is a familiar and much sought after lemon variety in a Bengali household. Its aroma and flavour gives it a distinctive class. Gondhoraj lebu is much bigger in size than a regular lemon and oblong in shape. True to its name it imparts a beautiful aroma not only when you slice it but also the thick green skin of it. And today's post is a heavenly blend of Gondhoraj and Doi er Ghol. Doi er ghol is nothing fancy but an excellent traditional summer soother. Doi means Yogurt set at home when diluted with chilled water, little bit of sugar and salt turns into a refreshing drink. 

Simple Doi er Ghol gets a transformation when you add a dash of gondhoraj lebu and is less diluted than Doi er Ghol. The addition of zest of Gondhoraj which imparts a strong citrus flavour into the drink is a wonderful way to get instant energy. Don't get confused with North's Lassi, a rather thick version where buffalo milk is churned with a mathani. A much thicker variety if you compare it with our traditional Doi er shorbot. Ghol is on the other hand a little version preferred during hot summer days. It is said to have a cooling effect.

200 ml Yogurt (bari te pata doi)
200 ml of chilled water
2 tbsp Gondhoraj Lebu Juice
1/4 tsp zest of Gondhoraj lebu
Pinch of Black salt
Little bit of Sugar (totally depends on individual taste)
Few Ice cubes

Take a wooden churner (mathani) and churn all the ingredients together in a deep vessel. Check the salt and sugar according one's taste. Pour into tall glasses and serve immediately.  


  1. Hello Deeps...very new to this but thx for the info

  2. Refreshing drink, new to me,looks yummy

  3. this is totally new to me refreshing too

  4. Have never heard of this deepa but this does look so refreshing in this heat.


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