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Saturday, April 16, 2016

Mango Lassi Recipe | How To Make Mango Lassi

Mango Lassi Recipe: Aam ki Lassi is a chilled flavoury beverage (originates from Punjab) which is very simple to make and best to beat the heat during summer. The mere mention of Mango Lassi brings a smile on my face as during summers, as I fondly remember after coming back from school Mom used to keep two tall glasses ready filled with creamy Mango Lassi. Juicy ripe mangoes when blended with yogurt, saffron infused milk, cardamom and little bit of sugar. Trust me there is nothing more refreshing than chilled aromatic Mango Lassi ! For flavour mostly cardamom is used but you can go for variations like adding rose water / vanilla. Lassi can be made with various fruits but Mango being the King Of Fruits justifies the tag. I have posted many summer drinks in my earlier posts e.g. Salted Chaas, Strawberry Milkshake, Kiwi-Cucumber Juice, Shikanji, HoneyDew Melon Juice, Black Grape Juice and Papaya Orange Juice. All these summer drinks are sure to reduce dehydration and temperature. 

For Lassi select only Alphonso variety as it is very sweet in nature as compared to other varieties and free of any fibre. You could also use canned mango pulp. Always use fresh yogurt to cut down the sourness in the final outcome. Homemade yogurt is any day preferred as in summer we set yogurt at home almost daily.

1 1/2 cup Mango, cubed and chilled
1 cup Yogurt (chilled)
1/2 cup  milk
2-3 tbsp Sugar (more or less as it depends on the sweetness of mangoes)
A big pinch of Saffron
Few chopped Pistachios 
3-4 Ice cubes (more ice cubes will make it watery, which shouldn't be with lassi)


Before you start make sure the yogurt and mango cubes are chilled. As Lassi should be served chilled and creamy.

Take out 2 tbsp of milk form 1/2 a cup and warm it. Add saffron to it and keep aside. Our saffron infused milk is ready. In a blender add cubed mangoes, yogurt, sugar, milk and saffron infused milk. Blend it well to make a thick but pourable creamy lassi. Check and adjust the sugar in lassi as per your taste. Add cardamom powder and ice cubes and blend for few seconds. Serve in 2 large glasses or small 4 glasses. Garnish with chopped pistachios and enjoy this refreshing summer drink !


  1. I love lassi a lot in any form! I am drooling at your pics... feel like grabbing a couple of glasses and gulping down all by myself...

  2. Hi Deeps...marvelous clicks...its really a peice of art..nice recipe.
    and must say pics on fb is fab...u look amazing...

  3. I go crazy for mango lassie with bishops mangoes or mangoes form our mankuraz mango tree. Lovely share and I feel inspired to make it, just that I am far away from my mango tree.

  4. ooh yumm you made it even more special with the addition of saffron

  5. ooh yumm you made it even more special with the addition of saffron

  6. Refreshing and yummy,lovely clicks

  7. So cool and refreshing drink.


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