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Saturday, October 31, 2015

Pizza Trail at California Pizza Kitchen (15th Oct- 15th Nov)


In my earlier posts I have already written a lot about California Pizza Kitchen's expertise in preparing traditional Pizzas and giving them a certain twist so as to make them unique in front of conventional ones. So without any further ado I would like to go straight to their latest event that is the above mentioned title.
The theme Around the World in Ten Pizzas emphasizes upon the pizzas that we might not have ever tasted earlier. They are customized as per certain countries taste and ingredients. Food lovers can now indulge in ten lip smackingly delicious pizzas  from across the world at one place.
The new menu which showcases pizzas from 10 different countries would be available between 15 October- 15 November 2015 @ California Pizza Kitchen all over India.
Since we are non-vegetarian, all our ordered dishes were the same.

To quench our thirst we ordered 'Malta & Pom', which had Malta oranges, orange juice, pomegranate seeds with a dash of grenadine and a hint of red bull. One can't complain after that !

For appetizers we chose Charmula Fried Fish evenly fried served with lime creme sauce and salad. I liked the crisp coating outside and soft juicy fish.

 Next was Lebanese Grill Chicken, needless to say my son ate most of it. Spicy, tender and nice blend of flavours.

Then we went for the pizzas for which we had arrived. Peri Peri Pizza was a traditional crust pizza  from South Africa. It's base is filled with mushroom peri peri sauce and the topping had bell peppers, black olives, cottage cheese with fresh cilantro. Peri peri sauce has a reputation of  being highly spicy, however I didn't find it as much spicy as expected.

Then we ordered All American Cheese Burger Pizza, which had a wholesome presence of sliced chicken patties and host of freshly sliced veggies with generous amount of cheese.

My vegetarian friend on the other side of the table had ordered Harissa Pizza (kick of garlic marinade sauce with bell peppers, fire roasted chili and cottage cheese) and Frijoles A La Mexicano. Frijoles A La was a crispy crust pizza with spicy bean sauce, red peppers with Mexican chili topped with crispy tortilla chips. Tasted a small portion of the above as I couldn't resist to taste them. 

One can't leave CPK before tasting their desserts be it their trademark Tiramisu and Red Velvet Cake. AS they say desserts don't go to your stomach but straight to your heart. 
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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

CouponzGuru Review : Deals, Discounts on your Fingertips

The words like deals, discounts, coupons, saving, sale act like music to  our ears. Who doesn't want to get more value out of his money by the click of a mouse! Few months back I discovered one such site which caught my attention and I spent around 1/2 hour exploring the site. At the end I was of the opinion that this is a one stop solution for all online coupons / deals and discounts.

First thing you will notice is that the site appears very fast and neatly laid out. Site is clutter free and depending on your requirement you are directed to the promo code and after you copy that you could then go to the vendor's site to avail the deal.

The bottom of the page gives information about CouponzGuru, how do they work, how to use the coupon codes and what kind of coupons they offer.

Various categories that are available in the site are as follows:
  •  Hot Coupons and offers of the day : This has a host of deals which are fresh and happening making them quite attractive.
  •  Mobiles and Electronics 
  •  Fashion Offers
  •  Travel Offers
  •  Food Offers. Being a Foodie myself and always in lookout for great deals in various food portals. So this site has been quite handy for me to buy online new meals without paying for the listed amount. The popular ones like Food Panda, KFC, Dominos, McDonald's and Pizza Hut are on the board. Food Panda as we all know is a discount portal of a number of restaurants in various cities of India. 
As you can see a button "Get This Coupon" next to each and every deal, all you have to do is to click on it.

  • Also all of us are well aware of the restaurant chains like Pizza Hut, Dominos, KFC and McDonalds. Time to time they launch various online deals which are available which are very useful when you have to throw a party for kids and adults alike. 
So  my opinion about the site as a whole are as follows: 


1) As said above, a simple and easy to browse website with all the popular brands neatly placed.
2) The categories of each deal are stacked one after another so that each of them are easy to find.
3) Website provides real time information of all  prevailing deals in India which is regularly updated.
4) Since they have been around since 2011 , in a way they are pioneers in the e commerce.


1) Ads are a bit distraction.

Overall, I am pretty much satisfied with this website and have become a frequent visitor. Recommend all of you to visit it at least once and use it's services. Surely a good place to look for coupons and deals just a click away !

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored review but the content and opinion is entirely mine which is unbiased. I just shared my experience and thought of sharing it with my readers as online shopping has become a major attraction.

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