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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

KFC Kitchen Tour, Chennai

I being a food lover is always intrigued to find out what goes on at the kitchen of famous restaurants? How do they maintain similar food quality across countries and continents? How do they ensure hygiene and cleanliness? And finally how do they cater to the Indian tastes by customizing their menu?  So when I received an invite from KFC I was as enthusiastic as my son and my curiosity to explore how this brand made me accept it.  So with an open mind I drove to the restaurant located at Forum Vijaya mall, Chennai.

We were received by Amit Thapa and Satinder Singh, Market and Operations Manager respectively. They greeted us and straight away gave us a walk around of the Kitchen. Firstly they ensured that all of had sanitized our hands and wore headnets. What struck me in the first glance that there were the complete cleanliness of the kitchen and clear segregation between vegetarian and non vegetarian sections within the kitchen which was clearly marked with green and red stripes on the walls. Also, the cooking utensils, storage areas and even cooking staff were distinctly separate. All the chicken were grilled or fired at 170 degree Celsius or more. Also the storage area was maintained at 18 degrees below zero. And all the food were prepared using RO water.

Some of other important points that I noted was that on all the food items the expiry date was clearly mentioned and I was told that KFC undertakes regular tests of the ingredients supplied to it's restaurants.

Now for the taste part. After coming out of the kitchen we ordered the following items;

Chocolate and Alphonso Burst Crushers : I had tasted the Chocolate crusher earlier so was familiar to it's rich cocoa taste although the Alphonso crusher is the one that delighted me. Punched with nice fruit aroma and a strong taste of mango for sure.

OMG Burger, Fiery Grilled chicken and Spicy Chicken Strips(not in the picture):
Popcorn chicken was loved by my child.

My kind of chicken...Spicy and juicy

KFC Veg Twister

So if you are in KFC next time, wish to see their kitchen just have a word with the manager and ask for a kitchen tour. Overall I had a decent experience at the restaurant and it answered most of my earlier questions. All thanks to the Staff and Chef of KFC. If I would come back? Definitely Yes!

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