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Friday, February 6, 2015

How to Make Luchi Step by Step | Deep Fried Flatbread | Bengali Luchi Recipe

Bengali Style Luchi: I wish to make a humble declaration that Luchi and Puri are as different as parathas and chapattis. Many a times my friends get confused between what are the specific differences between luchis and puris? The answer to this question my friends is that one Puris are made out of Atta ( Wheat flour) and Luchis are made out of Flour. Moreover, we add Moyen or Ghee to knead the dough also while rolling in circular shape a few drops of oil is added instead of Aata. Now you might be wondering why am I explaining so much about them? It’s because next time you try either of them in your kitchen, you can easily make out the difference.

I still remember during our childhood days in weekends when my dad headed for the market in early morning, all three of us Mom, me and my sis used to form a team and start preparing luchis. 

As usual Mom was the captain who used to fry them, I used to roll the dough and my sister used to set the table. When Dad returned with fish and veggies we all used to sit and enjoy and well-earned breakfast with luchis and Aloo Chorchori or Cholar Dal.

3 cup All purpose flour /moida
3 tbsp Refind oil / moyen
Pinch of salt
Water as required (warm)
Sunflower Oil / Shada Tel for deep frying 


In a large bowl take flour, pinch of salt and 2tbsp oil and mix thoroughly. We Bengalis use oil as shortening to knead the  flour which is also called ‘moyan/moin’. 

Add little water at a time to knead the dough. 

The longer time you knead the dough the softer and fluffier your luchis will come out. The magic of having soft luchi lies here only. 

You have to knead the dough till it doesn't stick to your fingers. As you can see in the above pic I'm still not there so another 5 minutes. 

You will know you are there if you press the dough with your finger it should spring back instantly. Cover this dough with a damp cloth and let it sit for ½ hour.

Since luchi is a deep fried item, take enough oil in a kadai abd put it on low flame. Remember temperature is a very important factor when we are making luchi, we need piping hot oil but not smoking hot oil.

Now divide the dough into equal sized balls and cover the rest with a damp cloth to retain the moisture. And roll the balls into 5 inch diameter.

Prepare 4-5 and place these on a oil smeared surface. Test the oil by dropping a small pinch of dough in the oil, if it immediately rises upto the surface, it is ready.

 At a time only one luchi has to be fried, so gently slide one luchi in kadai and start flicking hot oil over the top of luchi.

 Within seconds it will swell and then gently flip it to the other side. Just when the surface starts yellow golden spots remove from heat and drain with an absorbent paper. 

Remove it from the kadai and place in a colander to remove any excess oil.

Follow the same procedure with the rest of the rolled discs. Serve these soft and gorom(hot) luchis with Aloo chorchori or Cholar Dal and enjoy the simple bliss !


  1. Thats a good one deepa. we call it as maida pori :) but knead it using flour. loved the click

  2. Lovely clicks.. some one is getting expertised in dark modes.. love it deeps.. this luchi looks so delicious!!

  3. Yum...going to make some this weekend! Have a good day!

  4. Looks droolicious thanks Deepa

  5. these look delicious. very new recipe for me.

  6. We used to make pooris with maida, but off late, we use a mixture of aatta and maida... good to know that maida puris have a beautiful name! Well explained dear...

  7. Oh cool... I too thought poori is called luchi in bengali... He he he... Now know the truth... Beautifully explained...

  8. Well explained Deepa, the luchis look so fluffy and perfect..


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