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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Pearl Millet Sweet Balls | Bajra Ladoo

Certain recipes are close to your heart because they have connection with your childhood. This Bajra Ladoo is one of them. Ma used to make these ladoos during winter season to keep us warm. Not only bajra is good for health, ghee in it makes it nutritious. We sisters were as thin as paper wafers so on doctor's suggestion she used to prepare these delicious ladoos. I had made these again for Ganesh Chaturthi last month and distributed as prasad.

2 tbsp Sesame seeds to be roasted dry and keep aside
1 cup Bajra flour
1/4 cup Ghee
1/2 cup powdered Sugar or you can adjust the sweetness accordingly
1/2 cup Dried fruits, coarsely grin dry fruits in a grinder
1 tsp Cardamom powder

Take a heavy bottomed pan and add bajra flour and stir continuously till it is aromatic.

 Remove it from heat and transfer the mixture in a plate. Allow it to cool for few minutes. Just when the temperature of mixture is warm add sugar, sesame seeds, cinnamon and mix dried fruits. 

Mix well and add hot ghee in the center of the bowl, mix with a spatula. Take some mixture in your hand, press it with your palm to give a firm round shape. Shape into round balls, if you are not able to bind add 1 or 2 tsp of melted warm ghee and 

Shape them into ladoo by rotating inside your palm. Let them cool and then serve. Later store them in an air-tight container as this will stay for a week.


  1. Love love love the beautiful pictures and the yummy ladoos

  2. Delicious ladoos, have bajra flour, should try this out..

  3. Wow. these look so yummy. Will try them out.

  4. Nutritious and tasty ladoos. Beautiful shots

  5. Very healthy snack for children. Great pics.

  6. delicious dear and so beautifully made...

  7. Healthy ladoo & beautiful clicks...visit my space too

  8. Such beautiful clicks....very healthy snack too...looks good dear :)

  9. Wonderful way to enjoy nutritious pearl millet in our diet, those laddoos are alluring.

  10. healthy and tasty ladoo.. Tempting clicks too

  11. Healthy and lite version of snack...

  12. Hey your new page looks awesome. and the photographs look great too. For a moment I thought I landed somewhere else.. Keep rocking

  13. can u please share the efix for this picture

    1. What do you mean by efix Soma? Didn't get it.

  14. efix means the settings of your camera.. apertur..shutter speed etc

  15. Never heard of bajra ladoos ,perfect for winter


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