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Monday, July 21, 2014

Trifle With Plum Compote And Boondi Laddo

There are times when we hear terrible news in the TV. Last week the media was abuzz with the MH 17 crash in Ukraine. The image of the debris was itself shocking. I pondered within myself and discussed amongst family and friends with a question that know how could someone shoot down a passenger plane? Hope that this becomes a never again incident and paves way for a no war world. My wish is that each person in this world do whatever he does best without destabilizing others. And I request the organizers of IFBM to hold a minute of silence as a mark of respect to the passengers of MH17 and pray for resting of their souls.

Well one has to move on so coming back to today's recipe, it is a no-brainer trifle. Plums are on the verge of saying goodbye to us, so making good opportunity to relish these juicy fruit. Another reason was ofcourse taking part in KitchenAid Contest which is a part of upcoming Bangalore Food Bloggers Meet that is going to happen on 1st aug and 2nd Aug 2014. Well who wouldn't want to win KitchenAid Chopper ! :-) Fancy my chances you see ;-) I did make this exotic by making a layer of Boondi Laddo to suit my Indian sweet tooth. The results were awesome!!

For Plum Compote:
2 tsp Unsalted butter
4 tbsp Sugar
6-7 red ripe Plums, stones removed
2 big pinches of Cinnamon powder
1/4 cup Water

Other ingredients you need:
1 cup whipped Cream
1 cup of cake pieces (I had plenty of leftover cake i the freezer) You can bake or can buy store bought ones
4-5 Boondi Laddos

In a saucepan melt butter and sugar. When the sugar is melted and caramelized add some water, cinnamon powder and let the plums soak in this syrup. Let simmer until the syrup thickens and plums are soft, tender.
Let this cool down and run it in a juicer to get a smooth paste. 

How to Assemble:
Place 5-6 small containers or individual glasses and fill the bottom with broken pieces of Laddos. Place the large chinks of cake and cover the second layer. Top it with whipped cream and don't worry if the layers seems to merge here as trifles are very forgiving. And then we do the final layering by pouring plum sauce. Let this set in the refrigerator for half an hour and later enjoy this dessert. 


  1. Very interesting Deepa. Nice addition of laddoos to the trifle. I would have put a layer of plum sauce on the cake too;)

  2. superb addition of laddos..the whole dish looks awesome..

  3. Wow such adorable clicks,loved the first two especially,nice recipe too

  4. Looks great!, love those taster glasses!

  5. Looks awesome! Loved the addition of

  6. wow... thats an amazing recipe Deepa... I loved the snaps :)

  7. wow thats an amazing dessert with unique flavors :) looks very very yummy !! love your clicks dear ..

  8. I love boondi ladoos anyways. Great recipe

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  10. Wow, what an innovative recipe.. Loved the idea of using our laddu in trifle.. Looks very delicious and inviting..

  11. wow great recipe but above all great photographs :)

  12. this is a really awesome trifle... the pics are just so good...

  13. very delightful recipe with all the cake, laddoos and plum going into it.........awesome pics too!!

  14. Looks so delicious, the ladoo layer is a nice touch, yumm..

  15. Its been double sword for the people of Malaysia. MAS is our pride and joy and I'm badly effected. The dessert is so good and thumbs up for its creative invention.

  16. Yes its very saddening to hear the news of the crash.... its such a disaster which causes trauma in people...
    The dessert looks very good and a great combination with plums...

  17. Cute fusion!! colourful dessert! :) so glad to see you in my space, girl :)


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