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Saturday, March 16, 2013

A Meeting To Remember :Kate Bracks at Whitefield Baking Company, Marriott, Whitefield

Kate Bracks
To meet Kate Bracks, the winner of 2011 season of MasterChef Australia was a dream come true. Her first visit to India, Bangalore for the launch of Whitefeild Baking Co. at Marriott
 I was elated with joy to receive the invite to attend the press meet and come face to face with my favorite contestant of season 3 in person. We  hardly missed any show of all the seasons, remote used to be kept aside for an hour as no channel hopping was allowed !
Mr. Mathew Cooper sharing a candid moment with Kate
 So the Whitefeild Baking co. was up to welcome Kate the much acclaimed 'Dessert Specialist' to showcase some of her signature dishes and some fun baking event with kids. A very elated Mr. Mathew Cooper, General Manager, Bengaluru Marriott said " It is a matter of great pride and honour for us to have Ms. Kate Bracks with us. Apart from the ambiance which is sure to win your heart, we are on a mission to capture and retain a world class flavour to everything we offer, thereby ensuring our guests savour nothing but the best".

The show began with a round applause upon seeing Kate running and waving to us. With an energetic voice she addressed the crowd. Initially for 5 minutes I found my jaw dropping seeing my favorite contestant's persona, then gathered myself :-).

Kate on her way to make muffins
 She gave us a chance to show her baking skills in front of us. It consisted of "Chocolate Hazelnut & Raspberry Muffins", which is her on her favorite dessert. While doing this she talked about a host of her own experiences, journey to become Master Chef winner, life of a Mom of 3 kids, supporting husband and her love for cooking. And we got to taste one of the softest muffins but with a light texture.
Demo with Q&A
 Later I got the opportunity to ask her some questions which she did with a smile on her face. Below are some questions that I asked her.

How is life after "The Sweet Life" ?
Kate: Sweeter than I thought. The journey itself was so beautiful. When I started writing , I never thought that the number of dessert recipes would be close to sixty four. Then I started the book with the basic dessert recipes in the beginning and gradually level up till the preparations like tarts, pies etc. for expert cooks.

What was your way to handle pressure during Master Chef Australia?
Kate: Although I had felt pressure and there was some nervous energy, I kept reminding myself that it was all about food and it's just a contest and not about life and death. As a Mom of three kids I could not sleep one night and next day I had to be up and running. It was no different in Master Chef Australia, so my being a Mom really helped.

Tell us more about your B&B ( Bed and Breakfast ) project started in your hometown Orange in Australia?
Kate: We have a small Farm in the outskirts of my hometown , Orange where I hope to start B&B one day. This is a project I would to see materialize.However to start it now and make it do well I need to stay away from my kids for a longer period, which I am not able to sacrifice right now. As of now B&B can wait right now since my top priority is to be with my kids.

After Master Chef win every time you cook has the expectation been raised to such a level that your day to day home cooking seems to be affected?
Kate: As far as my husband and kids are concerned, they still love the same way that I used to cook before Masterchef. However, within myself I do feel a little awkward if the food I cook for may family is not up to my expectations.So not to a great extent.

What is your favourie food which you would like someone else to cook for you?
Kate : It would be lamb cutlets which I can't get past. Also,  I like to have roasted veggies with herbs.I like fresh herbs. So that's about it.

During Master Chef contest, how did your family support you as you were away from home for such a long time?
Kate: Me and my husband had closely watched Master Chef Season 1 & 2. So, he insisted that I participate in the third season and showcase my inherent passion that is cooking. Although, I was hesitant since I had small children and leaving them for such a long time was a tough ask. However , my husband reassured me that he would take care of them and asked me not to worry about them and the key word was even single parents can raise children on their own. This determination of his convinced me to participate in the contest with a free mind. Moreover , the rule provided us to call our families twice a week and families could visit you for a limited period within the seven months also helped a lot.

How's your experience during the launch of Whitefield Baking Company ( WBC ) in Marriott Bengaluru Whitefield?
Kate: Being an admirer of Marriott's excellent service to it's patrons in terms of luxury, comfort and exquisitely delicious food, it's my please to be present here today. I myself have spent a lot of time at WBC and I am amazed to see the the wide range of gourmet delights at the outlet where one can choose what suits their palate. It's the new one stop destination of India's "Silicon Valley".
Thank you Kate for being so patient and answering my questions.
Here are some pictures of the press meet held in Marriott Hotel.....
Kate's first book "The Sweet Life"

Freshly baked....
Wishing tons of good luck to Kate And Mathew for newly launched WBC. 

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