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Saturday, February 2, 2013

Review : CP Food Launches 1st Time in India "Five Star Chicken" Kiosks

Got a mail from Priyanka to visit SJR Tech Park's newly opened Five Star Chicken which is subsidiary food company of Charoen Pokphand Food Ltd. Being an avid fan of fried chicken I couldn't resist the tempation. And more over Saturday afternoon with friends sounds way to appealing than sitting at home. After confirming that they serve 'Halal' as we four decided (Valarmathi, Lubna and her sister) to visit for review.
Spicy Finger
 Armed with little information about the brand we reached at SJR Tech Park and were asked to look for food court. There we were greeted by Five Star Kiosk owner Mr. Shankar, who took us to food court. Though being surrounded by thousands of office goers this must be very busy and vibrant spot but being weekend it was relatively quite. By far, the most eye catching factors are the natural freshness to the dinning area of this fast food restaurant where 80% business relies on take away. 
Chilly Nuggets

In came the picture Mr. Sanjeev Pant, Vice President to welcome us and for insight view. Five Star Chicken business was founded in the year 1985 in Thailand. It was new business under CP Foods Company and since then it has been expanding. Last year they launched their market in India, Bangalore being their first love. CP food is a global leader in chicken feed and Farming techniques. They take great care and safety measures for quality product. With CP Food's integrated of high quality bread, feed and farming they ensure quality throughout the end consumer. 
Thai Crispy

Mr. Sanjeev told us Kiosks are basically pack and parcel kind of outlets but few joints have seating facilities like the one in Jeevan Beema Nagar where they have tied up with Spicy Hub (Andhra Style) where you can actually blend your platter with main course. So is Shashi's where Shankar has merged the business where he used to create Pastas, Sandwiches and Burgers along with Five Star Chicken items.  Now he gets more crowd than before as you get to eat pasta along with a piece of chicken. While we impatiently waited for our bites, cold drinks arrived on our table. I glanced around and quickly tasted quick bites. They were good, crispy on the outer side and soft and lightly spiced from inside.

The forte of this restaurant is that they offer quality and sumptuous dishes which are not costing a bomb just because they are located at a prime spot of Bangalore. A good example is that when finger chicken was served, although the name suggests chicken finger buy once you try to hold it with all your fingers it doesn't seem to be fitting in all of them. Their simple message is "Chicken for everyone and everywhere".

 Right now they have very limited variety (just 5 or 6) all non veg. Soon they are thinking of adding some good dishes for veggies as well. Another differentiating factor is that the marination of the chicken pieces takes place twice. Once when the pieces are without coating and next after the coating is done. But I felt the chicken was less on spice meter and because Indian taste prefers more spice therefore it may seem to be little bland then usual.

Hamaree Rasoi opines : 
Go For: Quick Bites
Not Recommended if: You expect a full course meal with proper sitting arrangements.
Needs Work: To Introduce more varieties particularly in Thai cuisine since thy are Thai based
Effect On Your Pocket: Good Portions and Reasonably Priced


  1. Nice one have covered everthing....loved going through....

  2. Crisp and sensible review!

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  3. nice review Deepa, well written. Loved reading every word.

  4. Bangalore is fillied with restaurants, now more add on. Wow lovely.

  5. Beautiful review, those chicken tempts me a lot..super crispy they are.

  6. Beautiful review. crispy and inviting dish.

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