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Monday, December 17, 2012

Restaurant Review : Noodle Bar, Bangalore

One fine afternoon, a couple of friends and me decided to try out a new restaurant The Noodle BarOnce I heard this name from my sister who tried it in Mumbai branch. The name was a strange combination. Earlier had heard about Juice bar, Ice cream bar, Hookah bar etc.

They have various exotic noodles from China, Japan , South east Asia prepared under one roof, so you don’t need to go from restaurant to restaurant, just head to Noodle Bar. This restaurant started in Mumbai and then spread itself all over India in major places. Also this group plans to diversify in other cuisines like Gelato, Coffee etc.. Sanjay Malkhani,Master Chef,  commented ,"At Noodle Bar, we aim to delight the gourmands with the finest and most delectable Oriental cuisine. The menu comprises an exotic variety of flavors from the world and will appeal to everyone with their delicious succulence.

The ambiance is upto the mark. The interiors of the restaurant reflect the spirit of Asia.  Food was not only a criteria but having a cheerful and candid conversation among friends. So, starting from appetizers and main course we had array of noodles and side dishes. 

A mouth watering variety of starters, soups and dumplings greet you on this unique culinary journey of Asian flavours. You can treat your taste-buds to Onion pancake, Barbecue roast lamb, Crystal prawn dumplings and Peppery corn fritters, Burnt garlic mushrooms restaurant for varied noodles.

Chicken Momos
Crispy Prawns

Then there is a Toss It Up menu available wherein one can select between combinations of Rice, Noodles & Sauces. Dessert was Gelatos, I could eat that every day If get a chance :-) Though Coconut Jaggery Dragon Rolls and Lime n Lemon Creme Brulee is there speciality but I was so stuffed I had to give it a skip. 

Veg Wonton

Had a chat with Corporate Chef Amit Puri
Summary: Sea food & Smoked Chicken in Yin Yang was simply heavenly, so was Prawn With  Crab Meat. Ambience was very conducive for a long chat and the staff was prompt. In the end, I would like to recommend to all foodies to try it at least once.

Lamb Rendang Curry

Vanilla Ice-cream with Honey Noodle
  • Cuisine: Chinese 
  • Cocktails, Mocktails: Available
  • Service: Good
  • Meal for 2 would cost: Rs 1000 without tax & 1300 with tax. Value for money pricing.
  • Address1st Floor, Phoenix Market City Mall, Whitefield Field road Mahadevpura, Banaglore 48
  • Phone no.67266466


  1. Loved the review....The snaps are awesome...

  2. Love their Chairs, Colorful Glasses.. and of course the authentic looking Dishes...will definitely check out in my next trip to Bangalore...

    Yum! Yum! Yum!

  3. Love those pics, had been to the Mumbai Noodle bar a long time back :))
    Yes the lamb rendang pic is a killer and I love the veg wantons too!

  4. Yeah you are right, this is wonderful restaurant i had been there last week:)

  5. Love the interior, very pleasing..Wonderful dishes, cant take my eyes from that Lamb rendang curry,beautiful review Deepa.

  6. Loved the review Deepa!!! The snap of the drinks is just awesome!!

  7. Superb review.....excellent usage of words...and perfectly clicked photographs....I am sure with ur reviews u r going to increse revenue of Noodles bar many folds.. and they should share some profits with you for this....
    The way you have presented..its looking mouth watering and tempting....
    Garnishing is impressive in all the dishes...
    I am sure you must have got tips for ur future recipes also.....

    You can also think of increasing price menu of restaurant in ur picture section...

    Happy blogging!

  8. Beautiful photos and superb review.

  9. next time maybe next year when i am in Whitefield...i will surely make a trip to Noodle bar...ur clicks look tempting!

  10. Wow this is a great review. I am coming down to soon.

  11. Beautiful glass and dishes are looking awesome ,yummy and delicious .it is a great review.
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  12. noodle bar, madly in love with you..Surely will make there one day..thanks for posting the article.

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