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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Mulo Chechki -Bengali Style (Radish Stir Fry)

We the people of India know how to make a tasty and mouthwatering dish even from the most humble of the food or especially vegetables. Take for instance, Radish which we generally used for salads or in North as an ingredients for parathas ( flatbreads). However, it can be used as a side dish as well which would not only maintain the nutritional value of it but also make this simple vegetable taste delicious. 

So without much ado let me present to you this Benagli recipe which is simple to prepare with NO ONION-GARLIC and but still it would give you a different taste against what we are used to eat on a regular basis.

3-4 medium size Radish /Mulo, peeled and grated
1/4 tsp Kalo jeera /Nigella seeds
2-3 Green chillies
2 tbsp Mustard paste (yellow mustard seeds+ pinch of salt and green chilly)
Fistful of boiled Black Chana
1 tbsp Coconut flakes (optional)
Pinch of Turmeric
Salt to taste
Mustard oil 3 tbsp and 1 tsp for garnishing

Heat oil in a skillet, add green chillies after breaking it into half. Now add kalo jeere and fry for few seconds. Add grated radish, turmeric, salt, coconut flakes and mix well. Cover and stir in between until nearly all the water (radishes contain lot of water) is absorbed. Check if the radish is cooked fully, add black chana at this pioin and then add 2 tbsp Mustard paste. Mix well to incorporate the flavor of mustard paste. Just transfer this to serving bowl and pour 1 tsp mustard oil for the pungent flavour. Serve this with hot rice.


  1. Is this dish made with eggs too? A neighbor once sent me a similar looking dish with mooli and eggs. I liked it. Love mooli in any form.

  2. Bengali cooking has lot of interesting flavors especially when I see veg recipes..looks delicious

  3. like your bowl.. interesting recipe..

  4. Looks delish ...nicely made ...shall try some time

  5. superb dish deepa.. u have transformed simple radish into elegant dish with its varied flacours

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  6. woow.. just awesome. mouthwatering

  7. looks so yummy and addition of black channa makes it interesting and healthy

  8. Love bengali sytle stir fries especially nigella seeds in most of their stir fries, radish stir fry looks inviting.

  9. This is a new recipe to me. Loved the ingredients that went into it. Thanks for sharing Deepa :)

  10. Wow!! interesting stir fry.....thanks for sharing....

  11. Interesting, never tried radish stir fry this way!!
    Thanks for sharing!

  12. Generally use radish in sambar. Sometimes in roti or a salad, never tried making a curry. Interesting.

  13. Very different and interesting recipe.loved the addition of kala chana with mooli..delicious!

  14. Radish means mooli right? that I use in sambar and parathas never tried in curries.. that bowl and curry color combination is fantastic Deepa.

  15. very new to me,,,,different and interesting ...nice combo too! thx for sharing!

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