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Monday, June 18, 2012

Muri Ghonto /Fish Head Curry Cooked With Rice

This is the quintessential Bengali Fish based meal ( Literally meaning Fish Head mixed with spices) which is saved for lavish occasions which calls for a celebration. This is a traditional dish which can even beat the other non veg dishes namely chicken or mutton. 

This preparation is made of fish head with gobindo bhog rice (West Bengal's aromatic rice, similar to jeera rice variety) and addition of few spices makes it very delicious dish. So from one Bong Girls to my friends all over the World...Enjoy.


Rui/ Katla Fish head minimum 2 kg
A fistful of Gobindo Bhog rice (approx 2 tbsp). Soak in water for minimum 30 minutes 
1 Onion paste + 1 Onion cut into big chunks
1 big Potato
1/2 tsp Black cumin seeds / kalo jeera
1 tbsp Ginger paste
2-3 Garlic pods, finely chopped (optional)
1/2 tsp Turmeric podwer
1/2 Red chilly powder
Garam masala - 2 Pepper balls, 1 inch Cinnamon stick, 2 Cloves (roughly grind in a mortal and pestle)
2 Tej patta
2-3 Green chillies,slit
1/4 tsp Sugar
1 tbsp Ghee
Mustard oil in generous amount (4 tbsp)
Salt to taste

Wash fish head thoroughly, pat it dry and sprinkle some salt and pinch of turmeric powder. Fry in hot oil until just light brown. Keep aside. Drain out the water from rice.
In the same oil, fry potato pieces lightly and keep aside. Add green chillies, garlic (if using), tej patta, black cumin seeds, garam masala, onion paste and fry the rice. Add sugar and mix thoroughly and fry for about 5 minutes. Add jeera powder, turmeric powder fry until oil separates.

 Add required amount of water, let it come to boil. Add potato, diced onions, fish head, salt cover and let it simmer until the gravy is thick and the rice is also cooked. Towards the end of cooking add ghee and serve with plain rice.


  1. that is an interesting dish! we love fish head too... in fact we add them to the the traditional kerala fish curry and then fight over it during meal times :)

  2. Muri ghonto ta dekhei khete ichha korchhe. Presentation darun lagchhe...
    Cuisine Delights
    My Monthly Event - Spotlight:Curries/Gravies".

  3. pics look absolutely gorgeous. Im not a fish fan, but i wouldnt mind just the curry with some rice

  4. Picture perfect .... Makes me drooling here

    Event: Dish name starts with M

  5. fantastic picture.. finger-licking curry..

  6. I must say I would love to have this fish head curry with all the spices as it looks so good.

  7. great click...nice n new to me ..!bookmarked

  8. ki bhalo ki bhalo ki bhalo. chobigulo khub sundor hoeche.

  9. saved! eta mai kono din korini kenona ami macher matha ar aajkal handle korte parina. tai muRo dal, muRi ghonto kichu i kora hoye na. One day I have to gather up some guts to deal with the head:)

  10. We have lot of Sindhi recipes with fish head..but we don't gert it here in Brazil..jut get fillets.

  11. Delicious Fish head curry Deepa. Nice recipe.

  12. Amamr muri ghonto ko no dinoye eto ta bhalo lagto nah. Amar bhai er fav and amar jonno ma kumbo and matha diye torkari korto, which I miss like crazy! But now looking at this, eto khete icce hocche yaar!

  13. There is only one thing I can say, aha aha!

  14. That's quite interesting. It looks too good..

  15. Just love fish head but I know there are many people in this world who find eating fish head yucky, I do not blame them but Ma used to say it is good for the brains and any way I just love it by the way like the photos

  16. Mouthwatering fish curry,looks so delicious,love the presentation Deepa.

  17. Thats an interesting fish recipe


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