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Friday, February 24, 2012

Festival of Culinary Celebration With Kingfisher Explocity Restaurant Week

The veil was lifted on 20th Feb 2012 with much fanfare for the most awaited Kingfisher Explocity Bangalore Restaurant Week. Bangalore being a foodie's paradise showcase the city's Top 16 chefs who were competing to win the prestigious title. The event was held at the Leela Palace. The event was organized by Kingfisher in association with Explocity. 
Winner: Sundeep Biswas from Istas

The 10 day gourmet affair will start from 24th Feb will continue till 4th March. To add to the glitter of the night, celebrity Chefs Karen Anand, Abhijit Saha and five of the most renowned bloggers and food critics of Bangalore were present to encourage the participants and judge their creations. Also the atmosphere was charged up by the presence of food lovers and connoisseurs of the city. They were glued to the two large LCD Tvs where the performance of chefs were being telecast. To keep them in good spirits, a steady supply of mouthwatering appetizers and drinks were provided. So,while witnessing the craftsmanship of cooking, the crowd were cheering for their respective favorites.

Winner of Asthetic award: Chef Jitu from The Park
The way this event has unfolded, it can be safely predict that this event is going to be talk of the town. The Kingfisher Explocity 2012 would be a very handy manual for all the foodies whoever is interested to savour mouthwatering variety of dishes. So foodies lets go for it amongst more than 100 restaurants ( Khansama, Tasty Tangles to name a few)  are giving great discount with the best of the cuisines from all over the world.

Abhijit Saha, Karen Anand, Ramji, Samar Singh


  1. Must be real fun event...
    I have attended Karen Anan's cookery show in Mumbai, a few years ago..have tried out some of her healthy oil-free recipes.

  2. Thanks for sharing and hope you had fun.

  3. I too like to attend these kind of events, hope you had a great time over there

  4. Hope u had a great time there, I have met Abhijit Saha in his workshop, and he is so down to earth person, khansama was really gr8, liked their tabletop setting. bangalore is really becoming a foodie paradise..good to c that

  5. Great to see Indian Biggie foodies together! Thanks for sharing this post!!

  6. looks like u had gala time..nice post thanks for sharing

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