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Friday, September 2, 2011

Egg Chaat

Although this recipe seems to be a simple one but let me assure you that whenever there is a sudden arrival of guests in your home and you are hard pressed for time, this snack would be very helpful to you. Also , in Northern part of India , particularly in the winter period, there are roadside vendors selling hot egg chaat and mostly students after their college classes stop by these stalls and satisfy their hunger by having at least 4-5 eggs at a go. Now that we are days from autumn season , I felt like posting this snack for my Bachelor readers out there.

4 eggs (hard-boiled eggs)
1 Onion, chopped finely
1 Tomato, chopped finely
2 Green chilies, finely chopped
1 tbsp Green chutney
1 Lemon juice to squeeze over the chaat
2 tbsp Sev
Chaat masala
Red chilly powder
1 tbsp coriander leaves, finely chopped
¼ tsp Black pepper powder
Salt to taste

Dip the knife in cold water for 1 minute and then cut hard-boiled eggs. This step will ensure that yolk doesn’t stick to your knife and finally crumble.
Place the sliced eggs in a serving plate, sprinkle some salt, onion, tomatoes, sev, green chutney on each sliced egg. Add chilly powder, black pepper powder and chaat masala. Squeeze lemon juice over it and serve this easy and quick to assemble chaat for guests and hear their compliments pour in.

                       Sending this Egg Chaat to Ila's 'ARS Event 'E' for Egg


  1. superb..... frm where did u get such innovative ideas????? :O :O .. Amrita

  2. Dint know there was a chaat of eggs. Bookmarked. i'm sure my kids would love this very much Deepa.

  3. Hey Amrita : Please yaar this is such an easy thing to make...Tum toh school time se banati hogi yeah

  4. Ahhh !!! your post makes me think of winter days (dilli ki sardi ) & these yummy masala eggs. But i'm sure ur version will taste much better coz of the lovely combination of sev n chat masala !!! Craving ......

  5. wow too good bookmarked love to hv this immd!!!

  6. Thanks Priya Sreeram
    @ Radhika: Believe me this simple and quick chaat will definitely win ur kids heart

  7. I just want to give this a must try...It looks super delicious!

  8. This is really special..looks awesome dear..

  9. what a recipe.the second click is to die for. amar ekhane guest legei thake eta amay banchie debe. kabe ascho? amar bari astei habe kintu sabbaike nie.

  10. Different chaat the twist.

  11. Oh wow..TWist.. Never thought egg chaat..Looks great

  12. healthy and chatpata chat....superb combo....loved it...

  13. Looks fantastic..Easy, quick & looks too tasty!!Dad`s gonna love this for sure!! He is a huge fan of eggs...Sometimes eats even 3 day..Or when too hungry & cant wait for us to cook something..even has raw eggs..!!!
    Prathima Rao
    Prats Corner

  14. ahh quick and easy snack..thanks for sharing..

  15. Love this super easy chaat dear. Seems so diet friendly and catchy like a salad.

  16. Lovely presentation of a healthy chaat,Thanx for sharing this recipe!!

  17. What an interesting snack food, its even more interesting as a street vendor food. I love it. This would be a very unusual snack for me but, oh so delicious.


    P.S. Next week, I will be having Indian guests visiting from India for dinner in my home. Your recipes are inspiring the style of food that I will prepare. Thanks.

  18. That looks soo good!...I will love it a lot!...yum

  19. Wow......looks so yummy. Am sure my hubby will love it.
    Thanks for sharing. Following you
    Visit me at

  20. Beautiful blog!
    I love your recipes and presentation of dishes.
    I have added to your followers.
    If you want, come and visit me, you're welcome

  21. Thanks friends for these encouraging comments.

    Welcome to my blog Alpana and LaMagicaZucca. Thanks for being in my friend list. Will visit soon

  22. Different chat variety but looks so yum

  23. lovely and innovative chaat.
    indu srinivasan

  24. Looks extremely inviting and irresistible..

  25. wow, thats a wonderful idea, egg chaat looks irresistible..a must try !!

  26. Great presentation and looks awesome!

  27. Makes me drool,feel like having some..

  28. In my world egg chat will always win a competition with papri chat cause I just love love love eggs : )

  29. Hehe... never head of eggs in chat before, they are bound to taste fabulous. Nice idea... will try it out.

  30. Nice idea... loved the pics.
    Thanks for stopping by :-)

  31. Deepa, You are right my event says no eggs. Can I plead general amnesia when I was writing my earlier comment asking you to send the entry to my event. I am truly sorry dear.

  32. Your chaat series is really very tempting!

  33. this looks yummy and nice presentation

  34. Hi Deepa,

    Lovely and chatpata chaat...i too love this way...:)

    I Hav tagged u for palying 7 Links Challenge Game as u r always a gr8 friend to me...check it

  35. That's an irresistible chat! Really nice and yummy..

  36. OMG,looks like chaat mela at your space,drooling !!

  37. ho woow wonderful and yummy egg chat :)
    U can send it to my event as its last day :)
    Looking forward :)
    ARS Event-E for Egg Recipes

  38. This is very different to me :) Looks great and delicious!


  39. This is a clever little dish Deepa, I can't wait to try it, looks really delicious!

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