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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Methi Paratha (Fenugreek Indian Bread)

Last week was very hectic for me as I was busy planning for my son's 3rd birthday party. I had invited few of our family friends and when the guest list exceeded 30 people, I got little panicky as I had no helping hand here. But somehow the event went off well and everybody appreciated the food that I had cooked single handedly. As the football fever is going on and keeping my son's interest in mind, I decided to order a cake which looked like a football. Here is a picture of my son with cake......

Now coming back to today's recipe, this used to be my favorite lunch box item during my school days. I used to feast on these yummy flaky parathas, more so because these leaves were picked up by my Dad  early morning from our own kitchen garden. The fresh methi leaves looked so good dotted with morning dewdrops sparkling like diamonds. My mom used to make variety of parathas (specially on winters).Using fresh methi leaves enhances the flavor and gives a to the parathas. These taste best when served with plain yoghurt, pickle or with some chutney. I don't put salt in the methi leaves, neither do I squeeze out the water to take out the bitterness because (by doing so all the nutrients will be lost). I feel happy to see when my son also enjoys this tasty paratha.


Serves: 6 parathas, Preparation time: 25 minutes

2 cups Wheat flour
2 big bunches of Fenugreek leaves (methi)
1/2 cup Besan (gram flour)
2 tsp Cumin powder 
1/2 tsp Ajwain (carom seed)
1/2 cup Coriander leaves
1/2 inch Ginger (grated)
2-3 Green chillies
2 tsp Curd
1/2 Red chilly powder
1 tsp Hing (asafoetida)
4 tsp Ghee
2 tbsp Oil for frying the parathas
Salt to taste

Rinse the methi in water thoroughly to get rid of the soil particles. Chop the leaves evenly. Make a paste of fresh coriander leaves, green chillies and ginger in a blender. Now in a large mixing bowl add chopped methi leaves and all ingredients (mentioned above) along with the paste. Put little water in the bowl as per the absorbency level of the flour. Do add ghee to the dough to make it soft. Cover the dough with a moist cloth and leave it to rest for 20 minutes. Make equal s balls of the dough (equal sized). Roll the ball into thin round shape (like chappatis). Sprinkle flour to dust if the dough is sticking to the chakkali. Do the same with all the balls to make round parathas. Now in a non-stick pan, cook the paratha on medium flame on both the sides by applying oil. Make the rest of the parathas in the same way. Serve the hot parathas with pickle of your choice, chutney or yoghurt. 


  1. good to hear about the celebrations..parathas look nice and healthy..

  2. Ur cute prince looks chooo chweet...Healthy methi parathas looks superb and yummy..

  3. I usually cook single-handed for 20 people or so, without any issue. But 30 + is quite a large number, kudos to you! Your son looks so cute, the football cake looks so yummy and tempting. I love methi parathas, do I need to confess mouth is watering here ??? Superb!

  4. Belated bday wishes to your son,may god bless him with lots of happiness always & wish all his dreams come true....Nice to know that everything went on well,its quiet difficult to manage everything alone...really hats off to you deepa... he looks so cute and am sure he must have really enjoyed his bday with so many people around...and methi paratha looks delicious as well..nice clicks...

  5. Perfect cake to celbrate the bday.Belated bday wishes to ur cute little boy.Cant imagine how u manged to cook for 30 people without ant helpng hand...grt job dear.Parathas look good. Nice click.I guess its u with ur son in the sec picture,eventhough cant see u clearly happy to see u.

  6. My heartiest good wishes to your son. God bless and the parathas look lovely :)

  7. Happy Birth day to cute abhilash. May God bless him with all the happiness of heaven and Earth. Cheleta tomar akta mistai sing...chokhe mukhe dustumi makha. football cake peye nischai khub khushi. he should be proud to have a mother like you. methi paratha khub bhalo hoeche dekhte, amar khub favourite. amar bagan theke ei ak dafa methi shaak uthlo. abar lagiechi. hopefully din ponero pare abar banabo methi paratha.

  8. belated birthday wishes to your son Deepa...its amazing to know that you cooked for 30 people :) I can't do it..methi paratha looks so yummy..recipe is so well written

  9. hi deep ,
    belated birday wishes to ur little prince ,he looks very cute n happy ...may god bless him
    methi paratha looks delicious n very tasty ...

  10. I would like to thanks everybody for wishing my son on his b'day.

  11. He looks so adorable, my belated wishes for him.
    It must be really hectic cooking on your own for more than 30, i really appreciate you.
    Methi parathas are so soft and flaky.

  12. Belated birth day wishes to Abhi. He is cute guy. Love the methi paratha . I make more often. Yours looks perfect.

  13. He looks so paratas, methi parathas looks so delicious.

  14. Belated Birthday Wishes to your son..he is very cute...May all his wishes come true....and the paratha looks so yum ...and perfect ...

  15. Belated b'day wishes to ur son,hope he had a gr8 day...Parathas look delish...

  16. A very happy birthday to your son. He is soooooooooo cute and what a beautiful cake or whoa fireworks too :)

    Love the parathas, beautiful :)

  17. Your son looks so cute and adorable..many b'day wishes to him..

    Cake and fire work looks perrty nice..These Paratha are all time fav.

  18. Yummy B day clicks...very smart your cute kid is...!
    Parathas are really excellent..!

  19. Happy Birthday to your Little one and those are some garma garam lovely parathas.

  20. happy birthday to ur little prince.. So u prepared for this many people thats so grt ..
    the methi paratha loos so delicious and healthy
    btw thanks for the wonderful comments dear..

  21. Belated Birthday wishes to your Son. The parathas look very inviting.

  22. Happy birthday to the little one.
    Yummy paratha,...looks delicious.

  23. Hi dear, hru doing...

    I came here this morning to wish ur prince...but unable to comment due to slow internet. Came again to wish Ur prince a belated Birthday! Such a cutie! ;)

    Paratha, yummmm! :D

  24. Belated wishes to ur kids,pics are awesome,thanks for sharing! Paratha looks really delicious and yummy!

  25. lovely...belated birthday wishes to handsome Abilash...he looks so cute...god bless him...

    I do make methi paratha exactly the same you did...looks de-lish..yumm!

  26. Belated birthday wishes to your son..he looks so cute :)
    Parathas looks so yummy!!!

  27. a very happy belated birthday wishes to your little boy, Deepa!

  28. My hearty belated wishes to ur son dear:)

    Methi paratha my favorite one, looks perfect and great!!!

  29. Belated birthday wishes to your little prince.. theplas look great all time fav !

  30. I missed the celebrations.... But better late than never I guess! Belated Wishes & God Bless! U had a grand celebration & I can c that.... Those paratas are to die for..... Very yummy & my favorite too.... :)


  31. Aww! Happy b'day to the cutie pie! The parathas are healthy and delectable!

  32. BElated wishes to ur cute and handsome son.. wonderful pictures u have shared.. and the methi parata is awesome..which is my fav one too..looks yummy

  33. Happy B-Day to your precious son! Looks like everyone had a blast - the cake is very original too!
    Fenugreek paratha- very tempting....where do you buy the leaves from? If I find them at the Indian grocery, will try the recipe and let you know the outcome!

  34. Hey Deepa..firstly many many happy returns of the day to ur adorable u always rock in ur paratas..and methi paratha is no way an exception...

    Hope this comment get posted...:(

  35. Dear Deepa
    Happy birthday to Abhilash and many happy returns of the day. God will bless him and forever.
    He is so handsome, college-e jakhon jab-e, mey-der kapal-e dukkho achhe...
    I love methi paratha..I learnt a variation from you now , like never used besan..or dhon-e pata before..let me see if methi sag is available any more,,

    AMar blog-e tomar comment poDe khub bhalo laglo..sotti ar ghur-te bhalo lag-ena ..abar BaDi bo-se sudhu drawing room e sue TV dekha had become a torture..dekhi ki hoe ...
    Bhalo theko tomra

  36. Belated Birthday Wishes to your kiddo!
    cooking for so many people is commendable!
    loved the paratha presentation!

  37. hey came 2 times to wish abhilash blessing on his bday ...seems there some problem with the shows some error code...better late than never....deepa, ur son is so so adorable and cute...and wht awesome cake with u r inspiring me to cook single handed for my sons 2nd bday which is coming in holidays and the list has already gone over to 45..hats off to ur patience and spirit of cooking for 30 people...this is called motherhood/motherlove...
    methi paranthas ..i love badly and tht second pic of parantha layers is killin me..needless to say just tht i m drooooooling.......yummo

  38. hey darling sorry for the long long scrap...belated bday wishes to ur son on his bday...may god bless him with happiness,joy and success...and a smiling face always...

  39. My best wishes to your darling boy :D.The fire crackers on the cake look spectacular.Methi roti is presently my favorite kind of roti though I never liked it as a child.

  40. Belated birhday wishes to Abilash , wishing him lots of joy and happiness.Parathas look awesome and tasty.


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