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Friday, June 11, 2010

Porcupine shaped Burger and awards

Today I'm going to post a universally acknowledged snack which has captured the taste of the entire world. It's nothing but Burger :-). I' presenting Veg burger as a tribute to the environment day, celebrated last week worldwide. However the look of the burger is slightly funny ; I have given it the shape of a Porcupine.


Serves: 4, Preparation time: 30 minutes

For the Burger: 4 Buns

For the Patties:
3 Potatoes (boiled & mashed)
1/2 cup Green peas 
2 tbsp Corn flour
1 tsp Ginger (grated)
1 Carrot (grated)
11/2 tsp Cumin powder
1/2 cup Breadcrumbs
Oil for frying
Coriander leaves (chopped)
Salt to taste

For Decoration:
2 slices Cucumber
1 tsp Hazelnut spread
1/2 cut Cherry
4 Cheese slices
 Lettuce leaves few
1 tsp Black pepper
4 Tomato slices (in thin rings)
4 Onion slices (in thin rings)
3 tbsp Tomato sauce
!/4 Carrot (for spikes)

Mix boiled potato, carrot, peas and salt in a bowl. Heat oil in a pan and add green chilli, ginger and cumin powder. Stir for a minute and add the above mixture in the pan. Cook uncovered for 2-3 minutes and then turn off the flame. After it cools down, make 4 equal balls of the mixture and give it a pattie shape. Now in a small bowl mix corn flour with little water and make a thin batter for binding. Dip the pattie in the liquid mixture and then roll it on bread crumbs. Heat oil in a non stick pan and shallow fry the pattie until it is crisp and light brown.

Slit the burger bun through the middle. Spread tomato sauce (on the lower bun), place a lettuce leave, then place a cheese slice. Place the pattie, onion slice and tomato slice, sprinkle some salt and black pepper. 
Finally place the top bun slice on this and press down gently. You can also use a toothpick inserted through the center to bind it together (I didn't need that). Enjoy this delicious burger with fresh juice or chips to have a perfect little meal for you.

Decoration: Cut the cheese slice in tongue shape and place it beneath the pattie, insert the carrot spikes on top of the bun, place the half cut cherry as nose and two cucumbers on either side of the cherry and use hazelnut spread as eyeballs

Submitting this to : Chaitra's Bread Mania event 

My new friend Sayali of Treat Your Tongue has shared two awards with me. Very sweet of you that you thought about me.....she has a fabulous blog...please take a look at her blog.


I'm passing these awards to....
Umm Mymoonah

Please accept it gals and enjoy.....


  1. Hi. A very kids friendly burger. Love the looks.I guess u keep busy, do drop by at ur convenience.

  2. luks amazing dear..congrats and rock on..

  3. Very creative of you :) happy to follow u :)

  4. LOL! I can't stop giggling! It's a cute! Kids would admire this!

  5. ki bepok hoyche dekhte....... wowwwww no words for itz appraisal. Amrita

  6. Haha! Very cute Burgers, bet kids will finish them off in seconds. very creative.

    Thanks for all the awards you showered on me, I will post them on the side bar. Enjoy your awards as well. hugs.

  7. Cute burgers, kids will definitely love this..Congrats on ur awards..

  8. Thats a cute looking burger...

  9. Very cute burgers, i'm sure my kid will love it, will definitely make it for her.
    Congrats on your awards dear, thank you so much for remembering me and sharing it with me, that's so kind of you:-)

  10. Daroon ho-ay-che dekhte aar khete icche korche.
    Your presentation is worth a special mention. Bhabchi korbo...easy aar simple...jani na korle pore bhujhbo:)

    ...and keep smiling...

  11. Thank you friends for your valuable comments. It really means a lot to me

    @ Amrita: Thanks for dropping by and leaving nice comment.

    @RAch: Thanks for being in my friend's list. Do visit us again

    @Umm: Thanks dear for accepting the awards.

    @Gaoridi: Kano parbe na?? Nishcoye parbe banate....khoob easy toh. Thanks that u liked the presentation

  12. very creative, and beautiful & yummy burger deepa...thanks for the recipe..

  13. wow.. looks amazing!! great pics too...

  14. OMG..I absolutely love ur presentation...My kids wd just love this Porcupine Veggie Burger..Very creative..I'll try this for my kids..Great tribute to environment day..COngratulations on all ur well deserved awards...

  15. Wow, that is soooooooooo creative and cute :) I agree that it is universally eaten pretty much in the entire world with equal enthu and liking :)

  16. Thats a very cute presentation, Deepa :-) And enjoy the awards, you deserve them :-)

    Have a lovely weekend, dear Deepa :-)

  17. Thank you friends for liking this veggi burger

    @Dolly I 'm sure your kids will love this more so because of the decoration :-)

  18. Congrautaltions on your award - keep it up... Love your burger!! Nice presentation as well...

  19. Wonderful! Good way of making veggie food interesting.. :-) Keep it up

  20. Deepa,

    Burger looks really cute and good. congrats on your awards

  21. very cute burgers...looks yummy!

  22. Ur burger brought a smile to my face dear! Cool presentation! :)

    Hey, thanks for the awards...will post soon! Ur thoughts are much appreciated! :D

  23. Kids will finish it in no time!cute presentation

  24. Lovely idea of making a porcupine in burger

  25. Wow...Deepa ,
    Burger looks divine...
    Clicks looks super yummy da.

  26. I loved the moist eyes of the porcupine..... by the way..... And kudos on your TOFAS.....


  27. congrats for the award deepa...intersting burger..i ll try it for sure..presentation z too good...i like the burger in lettusse leaf...looking toooo good..

  28. Hey simply superb yaar/.....too good presentation....really very nice good choice for the event...and congrats on ur awrds dear....

  29. lovely presentation. looks so cute and yummy.

  30. congratulations deepa n tanu,u truly deserve them...hugs....
    Received ur entry and await eagerly for ur second entry also

  31. thats an unique way of presenting burger. looks awesome and jani kheteo byapok havbe.

  32. that is an interesting looking burger... I am sure the kids would love it... Congrats on ur awards!

  33. lol what a lovely presentation! congrats on the awards.

  34. Fun the veggie more than meatie burger any day :D

  35. Yummy burgers, looks tempting and delicious.
    Congrats on your awards and thanks for sharing with me.

  36. Superb presentation..excellent marketing strategy...u have presented the same old dish in new way...looking mouthwatering...
    Garnishing idea is great

  37. Congrats on the awards.Burgers look so cute and sweet.Nicely made.


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