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Friday, April 9, 2010

I've been tagged (7 things about me)

I have been tagged by Bhavesh of, who is a very good photographer. His photographs are very candid and displays very simple things in life which we tend to overlook in our daily life.

Well, the TAG game is :
  • Write 7 things about you
  • Tag 7 people you know
  • Link back to the person who tagged you

I would like to start here by tagging 7 of my fellow bloggers picked on a random basis.
1) Siddhi
2) Jagruti
3) Ushnish da
4) SE
5) Bharat
6) Pari 
7) Vineetha

And now as per the rule I'm linking back to the person who tagged me - Bhavesh. His blog is

Hope that you can last through the following seven boring points about me (some of the points you might have guessed by now)

1. Though I'm not a regular shopper but whenever I have a chance to visit any supermarket , I browse around hours together without having a drop of sweat.

2. I'm an outdoor person, whenever my husband has a couple of days off, we tend to visit even closest of the tourist spots. Even my toddler son has taken this habit of mine.

3. I have this dream to go on a world tour.

4. Unlike other women who prefer gearless scooter, since 10th standard I have been riding 150 cc Bajaj Chetak and prefer it over other gearless scooters.

5. I like treating as well as being treated with delicious food. So frenzs just give me a notice of 1 day before you land up in my house to be served with mouthwatering homemade food :-)

6. As I'm from holy city Haridwar I love sitting besides the Ganges bank for hours together. Believe me it gives a very peaceful feeling.

7. Last but not the least taking care of my mischievous son keeps me fit!!!! As I have to run after him till the time he dozes off. He is quite a handful :-)


  1. Hey Deepa

    congrats on your award! nice to know little about you..In No 1,2,3,5,6 m with you...also thanks a ton for sharing with me...

    have a nice day!!!

  2. Nice knowing a little more about you!

  3. Congrats reading more about the lovely person behind all d delicious cooking...
    cheers and super weekend....

  4. Congrats Deepa,was nice reading few things abt you

  5. Deepa,

    Congrats , nice know about you.

  6. Hey Kudos!!! deary!!!! Enjoy maadi.....


  7. Congrats Deepa,,,,Nice to know about you deepa....

  8. congrats..nice to knoe more abt u..

  9. The no 7 is like reading abt me and my 18 mnth old son ..u wont believe..but I have muscles in boh arms as he always cries to pick him up when he is bored :)Thanks for Tagging me..will post it soon but have to do a little thinking :)

  10. Congrats to know more about u Deepa..COngrats..

  11. nice knowing a bit more about you, Deepa!

  12. I would love to go on a world tour too someday!!!! :)

  13. Congrats!! It was nice reading about you!! Even I am travel freak n love to explore new places!!

  14. So nice to meet you Deepa. I enjoyed reading all your 7 points :) I'll visit the 7 bloggers also.

    Sure, if I come to Haridwar, I'll give you a day to treat me and my wife with your delicious food. Let me know if you come to Pune, we will treat you with amazing places. And oh yes, my wife is also a super-good cook!

  15. Congrats on your was nice reading about you...I would definitely love to drop by giving you a one day notice ;)

  16. Congarts on award...Its nice to know abt you..

  17. Nice to know more about you dear! Oh..your passion on geared bikes is very exciting. Totally a great post.

  18. hi there...lovely to know more abt u...your son sounds so cute:)

  19. Congrats for the award. truly enjoyed reading abt u . ....

  20. Hy Deepa,

    cutlet recipe is perfect and wonderful...can't wait for this weekend to try...

    And loved to know abt u...Keep rocking.


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