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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Mushroom Delight

Serves: 3, Preparation time: 35 minutes.

1 packet mushroom
6-7 tsp refined oil
1 large capsicum cut into small square pieces
1 medium onion
cut into small square pieces
1 small tomato
cut into small square pieces
5 babycorn
cut into small square pieces
1 green chilly finely chopped
2 tsp ginger garlic paste
1 maggi masala cube (these are easily available in any food mart)
Salt, black pepper and red chilli powder as per taste
Coriander leaves

First of all boil the mushrooms for 10-15 minutes and rinse them properly so that it is free of all impurities. Heat oil in a non stick pan, add ginger garlic paste, green chillies, onion, babycorn and capsicum, stir fry for 2 minutes on high flame. Now add mushroom and tomato, mix well. Take the maggi masala cube in hand and crush it so that its powder can be added to the mushroom, now add salt, black pepper and red chilli powder as per taste. Stir fry on low flame and cover with a lid till the mushroom is soft.
When it becomes dry add little bit of water and cover the lid so that the moisture softens the mushroom. Garnish with coriander leaves and serve hot with chappatis.


  1. Thanks Deepa for posting this, will grab babycorn and other vegetables soon and will try this. Will post my comments again and will tell you how was it. :P

  2. Hi Deepa...Very nice dish. We both relished this dish very much. I will try this in future also and will serve this to guests as well. After so many changes your blog is looking very beautiful now. All the best and keep it up :)

  3. Hi Vineet,

    Thanks for your compliments...glad to know that you liked the dish and for following our blog religiously :).


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